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Dr. Jan Paolo Dipasupil (Health Hub by Dr. Jan)

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Health Hub by Dr. Jan – Top Destination for Weight Loss,
Physiotherapy and Body Contouring and in Mandaluyong City, Phillippines

Are you searching for complete wellness care in the Philippines? Welcome to Health Hub by Dr. Jan, your ultimate destination for the best weight loss medications, physiotherapy and body contouring procedures. Located in Mandaluyong City, Phillippines, the center is known for providing evidence-based wellness care. All their programs are designed using the most advanced techniques along with the support and guidance of the expert professionals. Whether you want a customized weight loss program, top-notch physiotherapy or effective fat reduction using body contouring, Health Hub is the right place.

Dr. Jan is renowned for offering life-changing results by providing services that are unparalleled. the custom treatments are designed considering each patient’s specific requirements along with using the latest technologies and finest medical products. Thus the patients get what they want quickly and enjoy amazing health benefits.

Treatments and Procedures:

Medical Weight Management:

  • Medications for losing weight
  • Proper exercising guide
  • Counseling on right nutrition
  • Behavioral Therapy

Body Contouring:

  • Reduction of fat
  • Toning the skin
  • Cellulite elimination
  • Silhouette reshaping
  • Reducing imperfections in the face, arms, and abdomen


  • Reduces Neck Pain
  • Reduces Back Pain
  • Reduces Joint Pain
  • Reduces Muscle Pain
  • Rehabilitation

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