Ragazer Anti-Aging Beauty & Shine, Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

$ 2,085.00

The health and beauty of the skin is an important matter both for women and men. With this treatment you keep your skin youthful and radiating.



Bad Ragaz Dermatology & Med Skin

Feel good in your skin

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz offers a complementary to diagnosis and therapy trough a holistic approach in Dermatology, Med Skin Care and classic Beauty treatments. Latest technology, innovative tratments, experienced staff, all in the amazing ladscapes of Bad Ragaz.
Dermatology & Med Skin Care treatment methods are optimized by a profound knowledge of the skin functions and disorder. A wide-ranging medical expertise and sensitivity towards the patient is needed in order to place a good diagnosis and chose the best way of treatment.
At Bad Ragaz Dermatology & Med Skin Care you can benefit of diagnosis and individually tailored concepts for the treatment of skin diseases in accordance with the latest clinical findings and an optimised complexion by means of holistic therapy concepts and ultra-modern technology.

Anti-Aging Package for HER & HIM

Package IncludePrice
Anti-Aging Package for HER & HIM.
General dermatological advice.
Skin enhancement using microdermabrasion (face and neck).
Filler (volume or Hyaluron, as appropriate).
Two Ericson Rejuvenation whole-body treatments.
Final consultation.
$ 1891

“Each face is unique – I regard it as my duty to advise and treat you expertly, individually and in confidence”.
Dr. med. Claudia Steiner, dermatologyst at Bad Ragaz



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