Energy & Earthing Package, Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

$ 375.00

Find your inner peace and grounding.



Energy & Earthing

For as long as we can remember, physical contact has provided energy and increased our wellbeing. Our therapists strengthen and earth your body, mind and soul with targeted treatments.

Well being Package

  • Foot wash and relaxing foot reflex zone massage 50 min.
  • 1 Soglio skin-care product of your choice
  • Cosmetic pedicure without varnish 50 min.
Treatment TypeTime DurationPrice
Package50 min$ 375
Thai foot massage50 min$ 173
Sequoia ceremony90 Min$ 303
Foot reflex zone massage50 Min$ 151
Individual massage50 Min
75 Min
90 Min
$ 151
$ 228
$ 290
Water crystal experience90 Min$ 302



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