Anti Aging Cell Therapy Germany

Juventas Live Cell Anti-Aging Packages in Werne, Germany

$ 5,754.00

The Juventas Live Cell Therapy Anti Aging Package will help you look and feel young again and ready to enjoy life.


Anti Aging Package in Germany

Juventas Live Cell Anti-Aging Packages in Werne, Germany


At Juventas Revitalization Clinic in Lahr, Germany, you will benefit from the latest and safest anti-aging treatments using animal live cell tissue extracts which are cultured under controlled environments and are administered to an aging patient or diseased organ by means of injection. Anti-aging Live Cell Treatments will rejuvenate your face, body, mind, and internal organs – so that you can feel and look younger again!

Juventas Live Cell Anti-Aging Packages in Lahr, Germany

Program Period Price
Express Stem Cell Anti-aging Program 4 days $5,754
Standard Stem Cell Anti-aging Program 8 DAYS + 6 MONTHS $10,335
Celebrity Stem Cell Anti-aging Program
Includes: once in a month Skype consultation for 12 months (for monitoring the patient)
14 DAYS + 12 MONTHS $17,573
Metabolic Therapy [Reversal of Diabetes Mellitus] 6 WEEKS on request
Mini Metabolic Therapy [Stabilization of blood sugar levels 14 DAYS $6,817
Androboost Program for Men [Increasing sexual power] 10 DAYS $6,817
Treatment of “Incurable” Diseases 3 -4 WEEKS on request


Packages Include:

  • initial consultation
  • lab tests (urine, blood, functional, diagnosis )
  • 3 and 4 star hotel (extra charges for 5-star hotel)
  • visa assistance
  • airport transfers to the hotel and clinic
  • online help & consultation

Packages Exclude:

  • meals
  • airplane fares


For more information about  Juventas Revitalization Clinic, Werne, Germany and age related treatments, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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