Liposuction Package, Cancun, Mexico

$ 5,020.00

Combine a great vacation with a long wanted Liposuction Surgery, without increasing your budget.



Perfection Makeover Center

Combine a great vacation with a long wanted cosmetic surgery, without increasing your budget. You will return home the new you with the package offered by Perfection Makeover Center.
The amazing Cancun Mexico, awaits you!

Liposuction Package

What to get rid of all the extra fat? Liposuction is the best way. With a more contoured body, you will have great confidence to try that new bikini you had your eyes on.

package includeprice
All medical fees
Lab work
Bilingual assistant
8 days in a nice small hotel Cancun City Area
$ 5,020

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Other Surgeries

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  • Chin Surgery / Mentoplasty
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  • And alot more.



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