Non Surgical Weight Loss Program in Germany

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Non Surgical Weight Loss Program in Germany

Do you dream of losing weight without starving and exercising? Do you want to avoid obesity (bariatric) surgery by all costs? These non surgical weight loss programs in Germany can be the solution you were searching for.

Dealing with extra weight is a battle that most of us struggle with at some point of our lives. Not everyone has the time and possibility of following a strict dieting and exercising routine. Plus, surgical procedures are, as well, an option that scares many individuals.

The non surgical weight loss packages available in Germany are a solution that increased in popularity in the last years. Overweight and obese patients have the alternative to lose extra weight healthy, by following a healthy, medically supervised program, without bariatric surgery, starvation or exhaustion.

These physician-guided medical programs are focusing on a permanent weight loss plan that helps reducing the extra pounds and resetting the patient’s endocrine system and brain in order to correct bad eating habits. Patients are losing weight through a healthy eating plan and a correction of hormonal and micronutrient imbalance, acid-base balance, Autonomic Nervous system imbalance and detoxification. Some of these plans focus on, besides the healthy daily eating plan, special weight loss sauna sessions and massages. These packages also aim at reducing the patient’s high blood sugars, high blood pressure and fat.

Best Non Surgical Weight Loss Packages in Germany

Clinic NamePackagePrice
Werne, GermanyJuventas Revitalization ClinicJuventas Fat2Fit Program in Werne Germany$3,750
Werne, GermanyJuventas Revitalization ClinicJuventas 16-DAYS Easy Slimming Program for Obesity in Lahr Germany$5,883

Benefits of the Non Surgical Weight Loss Programs:

  • Successful, effective outcomes
  • Significant weight loss
  • Have permanent results
  • There’s no physical activity involved
  • The patient isn’t starving
  • Physician-supervised
  • There’s no bariatric (obesity) surgery needed
  • Easy to follow programs
  • Reduce the risk of developing heart disease, cancer and type 2 diabetes
  • Improve the patient’s look, mood self esteem and mood
  • Improve chances of having non-diabetic babies – for women who want to conceive
  • Correct bad eating habits
  • Significant disappearance of cellulite from buttocks and hips
  • No muscle mass loss


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