Successful Weight Loss Program in Karlovy Vary Czech Republic

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Successful Weight Loss Program in Karlovy Vary Czech Republic

Successful Weight Loss Program in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

Do you want to get rid of the extra weight without bariatric surgery? In Czech Republic you can benefit from a special weight loss package that is based on diets, detox and therapeutic exercises.

Obesity is one of the most dangerous diseases these days, affecting both women and men of any age and even children. According to the data of world physicians, more than half of the population living in the western part of the world suffer from obesity. Although Bariatric surgery is a safe and fast solution to weight loss, this becomes an option only when the patient is unlikely to lose weight or keep it off using other methods or when the patient has serious health problems linked to obesity (type 2 diabetes, heart conditions, or sleep apnea) that are likely to improve after surgery.
The most effective weight loss program in the Czech Republic can be found in Karlovy Vary. The Carlsbad Plaza has put together an effective combination of techniques and therapies that can help you lose weight in a wonderful environment. Apart from these, the Nordic Walking gives you the opportunity to burn the calories and enjoy the wonders of Karlovy Vary.

Why Choose Carlsbad Plaza?

  • Balneology Centers equipped with the best technological equipment
  • During treatments you will receive maximum individual attention & privacy
  • Four specialized Doctors ensure the daily treatment of guests
  • One of the most prestigious hotels in the world according to “The Leading Hotels of the World”
  • Thermal water access in the Spa & Hotel
  • You do not need to change the premises for various treatments.

Non-surgical weight loss treatment is for people who

  • Can successfully lose weight and maintain weight loss without bariatric surgery
  • Establish realistic goals for losing weight, have the encouragement they need from friends and family, are committed to lifestyle changes
  • Have a moderate amount of weight to lose, and don’t qualify for bariatric surgery or decide not to have surgery
  • Need to lose more weight or maintain certain BMI parameters after bariatric surgery
  • Need to lose weight before knee, back or bariatric surgery

There are medically supervised weight loss programs designed for successful long-term weight control with a focus on a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Following a physical exam, review of medical history, and lab results, patients receive a personalized plan based on their schedule and nutritional needs.

Cost of Weight Loss Package in Carlsbad Plaza Medical Spa & Wellness Center

Special slimming program in Czech Republic

The Medical Spa Gallery Hotel in cooperation with Carlsbad Clinic in Karlovy Vary offer a set of examinations together with a complete program comprising successful slimming methods – a special “Weight Loss Package” – to all people desiring to enhance their fitness and to improve their state of health. The program is designed to meet the needs of the individual participants and provide the tools needed for lifelong healthy weight management.

No matter what motivates you to lose weight, having the right tools and resources can make all the difference. Carlsbad’s slimming program requires no sudden diet changes to achieve weight loss, and the counseling will help you learn healthier behaviors over time.

The Weight Loss Package costs 988 Euro ($1,125) and includes:

  • Advanced laboratory tests
  • Classical massage/partial
  • Consultation with a dietician
  • Cosmetic consultation
  • Cryotherapy
  • Detox drinking cure (springs + reducing juices)
  • Diet program recommendation
  • Dry carbonated bath
  • Exercise program at the fitness compiled by a doctor
  • Final medical examination
  • Individual diet program
  • Individual therapeutic exercise
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Measuring basic body components with the device in Body
  • Medical check-up
  • Moor
  • Nordic Walking
  • Preliminary medical examination
  • Underwater massage
  • Weight check-up
  • Can be ordered with a “Spa package with full board and all-inclusive treatment” (FBAIT) with a minimum of 14 days.
  • Each additional day = + 69,- € per person / per night as an extra charge to the FBAIT.
  • In case of a supplement to the “Spa package with full board and treatment” (FBT) an additional 30,- € / per person for each day of your stay will be added.
  • Medical advice from your attending physician is accepted, however such documents are not required.
  • Treatments are only provided to persons older than 12 years.

You’ve tried hard to lose weight, and you know it’s so much easier said than done. We can help you find the best certified nutrition counselors!

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