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Kandathil Jeevamrutham, Calicut, Kerala, India

Calicut, India
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Kerala is named “God’s Own Country” and Kozhikode is among the regions of Kerala . Jeevamrutham Ayurvedic Treatment Centre In Calicut , Kerala had been an incredibly successful institution for the past 20 years offering Ayurvedic Treatment In Kerala.

Calicut, Kerala, India

+1 (303)-500-3821

The most important leaders in the Ayurvedic Panchakarma Centre In Calicut , Kerala , Indiaare Mr . Rajesh , 37 yrs ( Chief Therapist and 20 yrs of experience ) and Mrs . Indira , 64 yrs ( Top Female Therapist and 40 yrs of practical experience ).


They are born and raised in a highly regarded Ayurvedic family they have acquired all the Panchakarma Uzhichil’s and related treatment solutions from their predecessors . They have additionally obtained Diploma in Panchakarma from authorized ayurvedic Institute.


They have also expertise their education in Kalari Marma Treatment and different types of doctors are arranged and they areDr . Divya ( B .A .M .S . ) Reg No :9410-( A Class ) , Dr . Ashwathi .R ( B .A .M .S ) Reg No :11742-( A Class ) and Dr . Chandrangathan ( D .A .M )Reg No :2711 . This is because of their committed services and their entire hearted assistance that the institution is going on successfully which is best called Traditionally Ayurvedic Treatment Centre In Calicut.




The Center offers a unique combination of Ayurvedic techniques all suported by years of experience and handed down from generation to generation to assure your optimat recovery.

The highest order of medical expertise

Facilities Offered at this Centre:

  • A/C and Non A/C Rooms
  • Simple Vegetarian food and fruits
  • Medicated water or mineral water
  • Laundry
  • Homely atmosphere
  • Dedicated, experienced staff
  • Round the clock medical attention
  • Two treatments in a day
  • Airport transportation
  • Room Service

Our highly trained Doctors will attend to your fast recovery and give you all of the benefit from their experience so that you will feel better. A complete analysis of your situation will be made so the weak points and risk factors are quickly identified and properly cured with personal treatment programmes.

Is better to prevent than to cure

Our stress levels increases on a daily basis as we struggle to perform well and have control over our excess weight wich has become common in our modern society. We are increasingly more aware of our heath and wellbeing. For that reason, we support you with prevention modules.

Our care programmes focus on:

  • Arthritis & Rheumatic diseases
  • Osteo Arthritis Knee joint
  • Osteoporosis
  • Multiple Sclerosis Management
  • Respiratory Allergic Diseases
  • Obesity Management
  • Sinusitis
  • Spondylosis
  • Headache
  • Stress Management
  • Lifestyle disease management
  • Spine related disorders
  • Sports Injuries
  • Degenerative disorders
  • Musculo Skeletal Disorders
  • Supportive Therapy for Developmental Delay in Children
  • De Addiction treatment
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Hemiplegia
  • Avascular Necrosis of Femur Head
  • Liver Dysfunctions
  • Digestive Diseases
  • Age Related Diseases
  • Student Care Wing

Revitalisation to restore the quality of life

At Kandathil Jeevamrutham, you will find an ideal atmosphere through which to recover, keep and enhance your physical potential and mental harmony after an injury, surgical intervention or sickness .

Revitalisation programme in the Medical Health Center centers on:

  • Rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system
  • Optimal weight reduction
  • Maintaining and regaining the figure and skin tone

Our procedures and remedies are based upon the modern scientific discovery , the in depth knowledge of our interdisciplinary team.

All the programmes are specially made to suit your individual needs, the varied atmosphere of our center make a big contribution to your rapid recover.

Our Wellness Programs are specially tailored for you

Rejuvenation Therapy (14 to 28 days)

We are leading Ayurvedic Centre For Rejuvenation, where we provide Rejuvenation Therapy. This treatment can be undergone by patients as well as healthy individuals. This makes their nerves and veins strong, enhances blood circulation and Increase body’s natural immunity. Usually in human body when the cells get damaged new cells come into existence. But when the body losses its youngness the existence of new cells stops. But those who approach the REGUVENATION TREATMENT, even in his/her old age the arousement of new cells will be inspired and even the excretory products will be removed from the cells. The treatment brings about beauty to the skin and keeps away the onslaught of aging process thus helps in longevity. We assure 100% pure ayurvedic systems of treatments.

Karkidaka Chikista (7 to 35 days)

Karkidaka month falling in July August is ideal in order to undergo various herbal treatment packages that refresh the body & nourishes the mind. According to the patient’s body nature massage, Navara Kizhi, Pizhichil, Kizhi these (Panchakarma) treatment can be done. It relieves the Toxins and enhances blood circulation. Karkidaka kanji or oushada kanji taken in this month.

Rejuvenation treatment & Detoxification: – (14 to 21 days)

Health problems like constipation, Indigestion, Sleeplessness, Wrinkled skin, exhaustion, etc. Rejuvenation therapieslike Pizhichil, Navarakizhi, Dhara etc strengthens the systems and gives freshness to the body. Panchakarma therapies, particularly medicated enemas relives constipation and correct digestion. Shirodhara nourishes the head, body & soul. Shirodhara relieves the stress and anxiety.

Slimming Program (30 days)

According to Ayurveda, continuous indulgence in high fat food, fried items, etc., along with sedentary life-style leads to excess accumulation of body fat which gets deposited in the numerous body channels. This condition is associated with irregular appetite, hypertension, diabetes and many other metabolic-disorders. Special traditional approaches are included in this with the purpose to cut down this excess fat, to correct the irregular metabolism and to clear the body channels. Deep dry massage with herbal powders and pastes, synchronized massage with specific oils, steam bath, etc., mobilize the accumulated fat, where as, specially designed diet programs prevent its further accumulation. Along with these, appropriate Panchakarma therapies are also advised by the physicians based on the requirements of the individuals.

We prepared for you also:

  • Relaxation Program
  • Beauty Care Program
  • Healthy Spine Care
  • Fem 40 care
  • For Females Nearing or After Menopause
  • Age Related Diseases
  • Sports Fitness Program
  • Special Package For IT Professionals

Here at Kandathil Jeevamrutham we provide the perfect scenery for your relaxation and recovery in a home like environment where you can combine the powerful Ayurveda Treatments with the years of experience and the treatment legacy from our specialized Doctors.




Our treatments include the following procedures:

Abhyangam (Ayurvedic Oil Massage)

Ayurvedic oil massage stimulates and relaxes the body instantaneously. The circulatory ad lymphatic systems are stimulated along with the sweat glands and sebaceous glands. Through this abhyanga ayurvedic massage tense muscles relax, a stiff joint loosens and nerves are soothed. The massage lubricats and moisturizes the skin removing dead cells. The combination of an Ayurvedic Oil Massage and a herbal steam bath is very effective to drain the body of toxins and to re-establish the bio chemical balance of the body.

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Udwarthanam: Ayurveda Therapy for Cellulites Management

In the process of Udwarthanam Treatment , the whole body is gently massaged with medicated powders prepared with various herbs. This udwarthanam treatment calicut helps to reduce fat patches from the body known as cellulites, toning of the muscles, improves blood circulation and eases joint pains, RegularUdvartanam is good for not only cellulites but it helps to lose weight by increasing the basal metabolic rate.

Elakizhi and PodKizhi

Under the process of Elakizhi Treatment and Podikizhi treatment, fresh herbal leaves or herbal powders are boiled in medicated herbal oil then tied in cotton cloth & hot pack massage given all over the body.


The Navarakizhi Treatment offered is highly credible. Under this navarakizhi ayurvedic treatment, special rice is cooked in herbal decoction & tied in cotton cloth and then this hot pack massage is given all over the body for about 60 to 90 minutes. Offered navarakizhi therapy is an excellent rejuvenation therapy.


Pizhichil is a procedure developed in Kerala, which gives the effects of both Snehana and Swedana. Pizhichil Treatment is considered as one among the Keraleeya Panchakarma Techniques. In this Pizhichil Ayurveda Treatment,medicated oil is poured on to the body in continuous streams while being gently massaged by four therapists for 45 to 90 minutes.


Dhara is a method of kerala special treatment evolved from the genius of the medical tradition here. Many such distinctive and excellent forms of treatments, not practiced in the other parts of India are conducted by Kerala Physicians. Under this Shirodhara Treatment, a continuous stream of medicated warm oil/herbal decoctions/medicated milk/ buttermilk is poured onto the forehead for 45 to 90 minutes. This shirodhara therapy procedure often induces a mental state similar to a trance, which creates profound relaxation of the mind and body. Offered shirodhara treatment calicut deeply relaxes and revitalizes the central nervous system. Shirodhara Treatment gives the best results when taken after an Abhyanga.


In Kativasthi Treatment specially prepared warm medicated oil is kept over the lower back with herbal paste boundary. Through the ayurveda kativasthi treatment effective relief is provided for all types of back pain and spinal disorders.

Our highly skilled professionals from Ayurveda Hospital, take utmost care of the individuals in this kativasthi therapy and make their best effort in getting rid of complications. This program kativasthi treatment in Calicut aims to rejuvenate the body in an apt manner with extreme reliability and credibility.


Ayurvedic Eyes Rejuvenation

The netra tarpana treatment aims to provide optimum rejuvenation to eyes. In this ayurvedic eyes treatment, Dough of Urad (black gram) is put around the eye ball in such a way that a dam like appearance is seen. Under the ayurvedic eyes rejuvenation therapy, the herbal healing ghee (clarified butter oil) is put in this groove to lubricate eye and surrounding areas which will be kept warm for 30 – 35 minutes. This ayurvedic eyes treatment service provides improved vision with beautiful eyes and strengthening of eye tissues. Our best netra tarpana in Calicut helps in under eye circles if done regularly for few days.

At Kandathil Jeevamrutham we have much more treatments specially made for your relaxation and wellbeing perfectly performed by highly trained Doctors, each with years of experience in their fields.


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[medicalorganization name=”Kandathil Jeevamrutham, Calicut, Kerala, India” makesoffer=”Medical Spa Centers” url=”” streetaddress=”Calicut, India” ]Kerala is named “God’s Own Country” and Kozhikode is among the regions of Kerala . Jeevamrutham Ayurvedic Treatment Centre In Calicut , Kerala had been an incredibly successful institution for the past 20 years offering Ayurvedic Treatment In Kerala.[/medicalorganization]

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